Seabrook Seeders - "Pasture Seeding Made Simple"

Illing Seeds are agents for Seebrook Seeders.  Please phone us for a quote and seeder configurations offerred.

Seabrook Seeders are an easy to use and simple pasture seeding machine available in drawn units and for mounting to existing implements, like dozer rippers, blade  ploughs, off-sets and chisel ploughs.

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Reclaimer Rhodes Grass - "Reclaim your productivity"

Reclaimer is a new Katambora type Rhodes grass bred for its high level of salt tolerance, aggressive growth habit and its improved grazing and hay production characteristics.

Variety Summary

  • Reclaimer produces more stoloniferous growth resulting in up to 30% increase in ground cover than other Katambora types.  This makes it the preferred cultivar for land reclamation purposes such as mine rehabilitation and erosion control.
  • Because of its aggressive nature, consideration should be given to using Reclaimer as a tool to suppress problem species such as Rats Tail Grass, Love Grass and Lippia.
  • Reclaimer has better plant recruitment from its stolons than other Katambora types.
  • Reclaimer is very tolerant of saline conditions, trials have indictaed that it will remain productive between 4 and 10 deciSiemens per metre, and will survive up to 20 dS/m.
  • Reclaimer produces a finer stem and higher leaf to stem ratio than other Katambora types thus increasing consumable dry matter.
  • More even maturity resulting in higher protein feed later in the season.
  • Excellent for hay production.


  • SOIL TYPE - Reclaimer is adapted to a wide range of soil types including acidic sands.  Reclaimer is highly tolerant of saline soils.
  • CLIMATE - Reclaimer will perform well in all areas from Southern New South Wales to Northern Queensland including coastal areas.
  • RAINFALL - Reclaimer is best suited to areas receiving 600-1200mm pa.
  • PLANTING RATE - Reclaimer should be planted at 3-5kg/Ha if planting uncoated seed and 8-15kg/Ha if planting coated seed.  Planting rate can be reduced when planting in a pasture mix.

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Progardes Desmanthus

Progardes has been bred from a selection of 5 desmanthus selections with varying maturity.  Developed by Agrimix and James Cook University over a period of 20 years.


  • Summer growing pasture perennial tap rooted legume.
  • Non-thorny, non-toxic, frost and grazing tolerant.
  • Highly palatable, excellent source of protein, high quality forage.
  • Suitable for rainfall areas of 400 - 1000mm.
  • Soil improvement nitrogen fixer.
  • Studies have shown improved animal weight gain on average 40kg/head over buffel only pastures.


  • Sow with good moisture profile into a well prepared seed bed with a good chance of follow up rain.
  • Clay rich soils with neutral to alkaline pH are ideal.
  • Minimise competition from weeds and reduce vermin.
  • Allow full flowering and seeding in the first season.

Planting Rate

  • With a pasture blend - 1-2kg/ha
  • Stand alone -  2-4kg/ha

Use in Pastures

  • Progardes helps prevent pasture run-down by improving soil nitrogen
  • Extends the pastures season
  • Increase pasture productivity.

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